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25 September

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Dr Amod

Prof Joel Dave

EASD Topics of Interest

25th September 2020

08h30 Michael Berger debate: ESC vs EASD/ADA-guidelines on diabetes and cardiovascular disease: Same evidence but different interpretations - who’s right? Klagenfurt Hall
12H15 Assessing the true burden of hypoglycaemia Graz Hall
09h45-10h45 Difference in lipid metabolism between men and women: implications for the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes development and remission Innsbruck Hall
09h45-10h45 Triggers and drivers of beta cell failure in type 1 diabetes Linz Hall
11h00-1200 Challenges in delivering diabetes care: new solutions Salzburg Hall
12h15 EASD/AASD Symposium: Implementation science in diabetes Innsbruck Hall
17h15 New lessons about diabetic complications: 30 years and counting in the DCCT/EDIC Salzburg Hall

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